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What is the Bayit B'Uman Raffle?

We’re raffling off a deluxe 3-Room Apartment in Uman to benefit the Uman Hatzalah & Security Center and save lives! Constructed by GoldeS Real Estate, this breathtaking Grand Prize Apartment is part of the prestigious Azamra development and in close proximity to the burial site of Harav Nachman of Breslev, ztvk"l. The Apartment is valued at 120,000 $ and features an impressive array of technical specifications.
Bayit B’Uman is made possible due to the remarkable unity and collaborative efforts of all parties. GoldeS Real Estate has taken the unprecedented step of sponsoring the fabulous Grand Prize as a token of its appreciation for the sacred activities spearheaded by United Hatzalah of Ukraine.
Partner with us in saving lives!Donate 30 NIS/month for 12 month, and you're an automatic winner!
You've saved lives, and also entered into the exciting Raffle for a dazzling 3-Room Apartment valued at 120,000 $!

Win a Deluxe 3-Room Apartment valued at 120,000$
Located in Azamra, Uman's most prestigious residential project!

● Deluxe entrance lobby
● Stately shul
● Modern, spacious mikveh
● Exercise studio
● Helicopter landing pad

How does it work? Are there other Packagesavailable?

Help us finish the job faster and improve your winning chances!
Purchase exciting Ticket Packages to increase your winning chances, and you’ll be automatically entered into the Raffle Box for extra chances of winning a free apartment and living out your dream!

1 Apartment Raffle Ticket- 100 $
With your purchase, you've added a brick to the Hatzalah & Security Center in Uman!

3 Apartment Raffle Tickets - only 200 $
With your purchase, you've added 2 bricks to the Hatzalah & Rescue Center in Uman
Free Apartment Raffle Ticket!

6 Apartment Raffle Tickets - 300 $
With your purchase, you’ve built a square meter in the Uman Hatzalah & Security Center!
Get 3 Raffle Tickets Free!

24 Apartment Raffle Tickets - 1800$
With your purchase, you've built 3 square meters in the Uman Hatzalah and Security Center
Get 7 Raffle Tickets free!

With your purchase of an additional Ticket Package, you increase your chances of winning + all your additional Raffle Tickets are placed inside the Raffle Box to multiply your winning chances!

There's no time to aste We're closing the last flight for an all-included Shabbos Chanukah in Uman!Bayit B'Uman Raffle participants who purchase tickets by 12 a.m. Motzaei Yom Gedalya, 3 Tishrei (October 2, 2019), enter 4 bonus raffles for an all-included Shabbos Chanukah in Uman. Transportation, accommodations and food included!

How will we make use of your donation?

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the burial site of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev ztvk"l annually, specifically on Rosh Hashanah and other significant days during the Jewish calendar.

Throughout the years, the local Infirmary has grown and relocated numerous times throughout the city.Infirmary staff encompasses doctors from around the world who engage in a variety of fields and specialties. The Uman Infirmary operates under the auspices of our esteemed director Rabbi Nachi Klein.

CEO of United Hatzalah in Ukraine Rabbi Hillel Cohen in conjunction with the Charity Fund of Ukrainian Jewry determined that the current state of affairs in the city is a health hazard that has unfortunately resulted in numerous tragedies. Another central issue impacting both local residents and tourists is the dire lack of security in the city which results in frequent cases of theft and violence. Bayit B'Uman will confront these issues head on by serving as a local Command & Operations Center for the thousands who make the annual pilgrimage to Uman. The brand-new Center will offer assistance and support to city residents and tourists throughout the year, and especially on Rosh Hashanah when the number of visitors swells and security needs soar exponentially.

The Command Center will feature Uman's brand-new state-of-the-art Infirmary and Medical Center that will serve as a primary emergency room and reinforce the personal security of the hundreds of thousands who visit the burial site of Rabbeinu zy"a. The Infirmary will provide on-site quick response and professional medical care, obviating the need to evacuate patients to one of the regional Ukrainian hospitals where the quality of medical care is dubious at best.

The new Command Center will provide for many of the needs of tourists to Uman by availing professional security services, a Lost & Found department, Information Bureau, and most exciting of all, a vast network of advanced security cameras installed throughout the city to reinforce the personal security of local residents and tourists to Uman.

This project is carried out in conjunction with Rabbi Natan Bin Nun, Director of United Breslev in Uman, and in full cooperation with the regional authorities with the goal of increasing efficiency and making it official in the long term for the benefit of all visitors to Rabbeinu's burial site in Uman.

This is not about luxury or convenience, but about increasing security and providing for the primary safety, health and security needs of the hundreds of thousands of visitors who flock annually to the burial site of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.